Northern Honey Company: Honey bees, wholesalers, retailers, honey retailers, pollen, royal jelly, beeswax ... Planting, processing wholesale and wholesale of black sausage, turmeric black turmeric, yellow sausage, etc. The products are processed from turmeric, processed from honey and turmeric.
Mission: Contributing to bring consumers high quality products to beautify and enhance good health, bring beauty and confidence in life. Contribute to protect consumers from buying counterfeit goods that affect health through reputable portals Vision: Developing a wide distribution network that makes it easy for consumers to buy the honey products.
Honey pure forest
Turmeric starch
Northern Honey Company:
Proud to be Vietnam's No.1 brand for honey and turmeric products.
There are anti-counterfeit stamps and registered exclusive protection throughout the territory of Vietnam.
Meet hygiene and food safety standards prescribed by the Ministry of Health.
Bring consumers the best quality products to enhance health, beauty and confidence in life.
Protect consumers from buying counterfeit goods, unknown origin which affects health.
Commit to hand over the new product if there is any damage in the delivery process.
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